APT organized two debate workshops for students of Balkh University and Balkh Educational University. A total of 38 students were recruited after passing the selection process. Both trainings started on December 24, 2016. In the first 9-hour debate workshop for Balkh University, 18 newly-recruited students were trained and equipped with basic debating skills. This training ended on December 26, 2016. Students have been practicing debate since and are preparing to compete at APT’s Intervarsity Debate Competitions in Balkh. We take the opportunity to thank and acknowledge the input of APT’s volunteers: Samim Rohany, Murtaza Rahimi, Mr. Samim Ahmad and Mr. Khwaja Rateb for helping our staff leading and facilitating the training sessions. We welcome the talented students of Balkh University to our debating community.

Meanwhile, in the second debate workshop for Balkh Educational University, 20 newly-recruited students were provided with training and debating opportunity to develop the required skills for attending Balkh Education University Debate Club. Students have since continued with their regular club activities in preparation for APT’s Intervarsity Debate Competitions in Balkh. The second training ended by December 28, 2016. We welcome talented students of Balkh Educational University to our debating community.

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