Membership in APT
APT offers the following membership opportunities to university students. To obtain membership, students are required to understand, agree, and commit to further the vision of Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT) in Afghanistan. APT recognizes all of its new participants as its members. However, new members can upgrade their membership to the following categories.

Permanent Membership: Students who actively and regularly take part in at least two of APT’s programs for a period of one year are eligible to receive permanent membership. Permanent members are given priority in APT’s international programs, special seminars, and internship and employment opportunities.

Special Membership: Special members at APT also become voluntary advisers to the organization. They have a more direct influence in shaping organizational policies and structures. They will have the opportunity to represent APT in media and conferences both within Afghanistan and abroad. Eligible students are those who hold permanent membership and have been active at APT for at least three years.

Honorary Membership: Honorary membership is offered by APT to distinguished professional leaders who have not necessarily participated in APT’s activities. However, they are people who support APT’s vision through offering support of various kinds and encouraging the wider public to expand its mission. Honorary members at APT include professors, university chancellors, political leaders, businesspeople, parents of students, and civil society activists.